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Buyback Information

Textbook Buyback:

When feasible textbooks will be bought back from students through our ‘Textbook Buyback’ program, at the end of each semester for a limited period of time.  Watch for advertisements announcing the buyback schedule.


Our buyback purchases offers you a better return on your money, then those offered by Amazon and other online competitors.  Only books purchased through our store may be sold back during the buyback period.  Buybacks are influenced by a number of factors, therefore, HCC cannot guarantee that every book purchased will be bought back.  Following is a review of those factors:

Textbook Buyback Factors:

The following criteria is used to determine if your book can be purchased, and if purchased the amount of cash you will receive:

Condition:  Textbooks must be in good condition.  This means that the binding, covers and content must be in good shape.  We do not purchase books with broken bindings, missing pages or text that is blackened out.   We also do not accept books with access codes, as once activated, they cannot be used again.  Books may contain highlighting, but excessive highlighting, underlining or other markings may decrease the book’s buyback value.

Course Materials Orders – If the exact same book (title and edition) is used in the upcoming semester, the value of the book increases.  As textbooks in this category are purchased until we reach the amount we think we can resell, this is truly a case where the earlier you arrive, the better your chance of reselling. 

Overstocks or Current Edition Not Being Used on Campus – If your textbook has not been adopted for the upcoming semester, or we have met our limit for a particular title, we may still purchase the title.  In these cases, the textbook is researched for national demand, and wholesale pricing is provided.

If you missed the Buyback - At all other times of the year, you may sell your book online at MBS Online Buyback. Our bookstore has partnered with MBS Textbook Exchange, the nation's largest textbook wholesaler, to offer you competitive prices for your used books.